Does Alcohol weaken your immune system?

Answer In and of itself, no.ABUSE of alcohol, on the other hand, destroys a lot of body functions and cell growth, suppresses immune function, weakens immune response, damages the liver, kidneys and the r... Read More »

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How does an immunization weaken the immune system?

Actually, immunization makes a healthy immune system stronger for fighting the specific organism in the vaccine (or a very similar one). Side Note: There have been isolated incidents (like the va... Read More »

Does this strengthen or weaken the immune system?

It creates a faster immune response for that strain of the flu, but it is always mutating very rapidly so having the flu previously will not protect you from the new mutated strand

Can tanning in a tanning bed cause your immune system to weaken?

How to keep up my immune system?

I hate to tell you this....but your immune system is functioning just fine, and nothing you do will change that.Be thankful, or you would be able to slow down and speed up your immune system - and ... Read More »