Does Alcohol Make Antibiotics Ineffective?

Answer Doctors usually recommend that patients who are taking antibiotics avoid alcohol for the duration of their dosage. Alcohol does not reduce the antibiotics' effectiveness, but may increase negative ... Read More »

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I have a question about antibiotics and alcohol....?

There are two parts to answer your question: can you take the amoxicillin and mix it with alcohol? Technically yes--there will be no chemical contraindications that will cause you problems. But ... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol while on antibiotics?

Sure you can drink. Just don't drink anything with alcohol in it. That would be incredibly stupid.

Does alcohol affect antibiotics and how?

Alcohol allows antibiotics to gain access to the brain-which will cause tremendous headaches and nullify the action of the medicine.

Can you drink alcohol while using antibiotics?

On One Hand: Combining Antibiotics and Alcohol Can be DoneAcohol does not reduce the effectiveness of most antibiotics, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, alcohol can increase your risk of side... Read More »