Does Affirm Relaxer work?

Answer On One Hand: Straightens hairAffirm Relaxer is a product created for women of African-American descent to help straighten and condition their hair. The manufacturer states that the product will che... Read More »

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Does Vitale relaxer work?

On One Hand: Relaxers Restructure Hair PatternAccording to, hair relaxers like Vitale relaxers are a diluted form of depilatory and cause the hair to soften and restructure into... Read More »

How Does Hair Relaxer Work?

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How to Affirm an Affidavit?

Lawsuits involve applying law to fact; at the heart of any lawsuit, therefore, is a mantra from "Dragnet's" Joe Friday: "Just the facts, ma'am." Litigants have multiple ways to present facts; two c... Read More »

No Lye Relaxer Vs. Lye Relaxer?

Both lye and no-lye Relaxers are used to straighten African American hair. If either is used carelessly, it can cause severe damage to both the hair and the scalp. There are pros and cons to both t... Read More »