Does Advantage& Frontline work on bedbugs?

Answer On One Hand: Spot Flea Treatments Do Not WorkPet owners apply spot flea treatments such as Advantage and Frontline to the shoulder blades of their pets to treat fleas, ticks and sometimes worms. Th... Read More »

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How do flea& tick repellants like Frontline& Advantage work?

Advantage and Frontline are two popular brand name flea and tick control products. These products work to eliminate fleas and ticks from your pet's body and repel them for a period of time afterwar... Read More »

Which is better, Frontline Plus or Advantage?

On One Hand: Easier to useAdvantage is a less harsh pesticide, and is usable on ferrets and smaller cats and dogs. Monthly stickers come with the pack to remind you to use it. The package can also ... Read More »

Does Frontline work?

On One Hand: Excellent ReviewsFrontline is one of the leading brands in flea treatment for both dogs and cats. It has received positive reviews for years for effectively preventing fleas and other ... Read More »

Why does frontline work for flea control?

Pet owners have waged war on fleas and ticks for many years. There is a multitude of products available, all of which claim to be the superior method for controlling fleas and ticks. Frontline and ... Read More »