Does Actual Keylogger work on Vista?

Answer Actual Keylogger is freeware (free software) that keeps track of any keystrokes made by a user of a keyboard. According to a review at, the Actual Keylogger Version 4.2 works with Micros... Read More »

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How to Use a Keylogger in Vista?

Keystroke logging can be used for a variety of reasons, from saving passwords to keeping a close eye on what your children are viewing online. There are a variety of keylogging programs that all do... Read More »

How to Detect a Keylogger in Vista?

A keylogger is a software program that will capture a person's personal details such as her user name, passwords and credit card information. Keyloggers are often installed when someone downloads a... Read More »

Will a keylogger work on wireless?

A keylogger is installed on a computer through email, infected websites or packaged in downloadable program files. Wireless connections do not act as a barrier to prevent installation and users sho... Read More »

Does Elite Keylogger work on domain accounts?

Elite Keylogger will work on any computer that has the program installed. You can access the records on a domain account, but you cannot install the program across the domain. Instead, you will hav... Read More »