Does AVG computer virus scanner even work?

Answer I haven`t had any problem with AVG and I`ve had it installed for 3 years...I`d be very interested to know your experience

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Does any one know a FREE to download computer virus scanner and deleter?

That's because the ones you are referring to are rogues. You are now infected more than you were before!.Run these two LEGIT programs. Get them in safe mode with networking:http://www.superantispyw... Read More »

For anyone who has used the virus scanner/fixer (PCmatic)...Does it work and does it leave any viruses/cookies?

I tried it once a very long time ago. I wasn't impressed and removed it straight away. It was so long ago that I don't remember why I didn't keep it.It's not going to install any viruses. As to the... Read More »

Good virus scanner i have a computer virus!!?

SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY hope that helps you it did me.

What does it mean when a virus scanner has "quarantined" an infected file on your computer?

In layman's term, putting a virus in quarantine is like putting a suspected criminal in jail where it cannot go anywhere else nor do anything harmful to your computer. Clear enough?