Does AT&T hold records of people that have used a certain phone number?

Answer If you have caller ID, her number, and maybe her name, could be listed on your phone. AT&T will not help you. Also, try googling the number you have for her.

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How do you find the call records of a metro pcs phone number?

To get Metro pcs phone records you need to call them and request that they be added on as a feature called e-bill. You can only get them once a month for the entire month but you have to pay your b... Read More »

Am i able to get hold of an exdirectory phone number?

unless you take a drive in the countryside and find a library might still find an old phonebook there....

What’s up with these phone calls where people call you and put you on hold?

I have had a few of those. Just hang up, you don't owe them anything!

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