Does 6 hours of sleep everynight make you live longer?

Answer Its all about what your body require. If you feel fresh after 6 hours sleep than every thing is okay and no problem there. Take healthy diet always work hard and stay happy these will keep you alwa... Read More »

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What causes someone to sleep longer than 8 hours?

Is it true that if you sleep less you live longer?

Really? Well I lack sleep so yeah I hope so! :D

Is this healthy to live on 4-5 hours of sleep?

Its not healthy for sure. Least amount of sleep you can get and still be healthy is 16 hours -if you are a baby 10 hours -3-18 years old 8 hours - if you're 19-556 hours- if you're over 65Your body... Read More »

Why does laughing make you live longer?

I'm a med student in training at the University of Montreal. This is only my personal thoughts backed up by personal experience and some scientific articles I've read here and there.It's not the la... Read More »