Does 3-day sleep training work?

Answer On One Hand: Some Doctors Recommend Three-Day Sleep TrainingWebsites that promote three-day sleep training often feature testimonials from parents who claim the method worked for them. Some sites e... Read More »

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How does sleep actually work?

"sleep" is when your mind slips out of conscious thought. You have no control over your muscles when your are unconscious. During this time of sleep, your muscles get a chance to relax as well as y... Read More »

Has anyone had any experience with SomnaPure, a sleep aid Does it work well Does it have side effects?

I took my first two SomnaPure tonight and, frankly, I do not like the way I am feeling. Within 15 minutes, I started feeling flushed, Now about an hour later, I continue to feel the same plus I ha... Read More »

Does the sleep sense program work?

On One Hand: Effective and CustomizedProfessional child sleep specialist Dana Obleman's Sleep Sense Program works on countless infants and older babies. It offers several methods of having your chi... Read More »

Does beauty sleep really work?

yes, it works very well because your body replenishes itself.