Does 184-pin sdram exist?

Answer In a way, yes. Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM uses the 184-pin architecture, whereas standard rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM) uses the 168-pin architecture. But DDR is made from SDRAM. So while yo... Read More »

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Why is DDR SDRAM better than SDRAM?

DDR SDRAM stands for double data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory, and SDRAM is simply synchronous dynamic random access memory. These acronyms are used in reference RAM, or a computer... Read More »

If your motherboard supports ecc sdram memory, can you substitute non-ecc sdram memory?

Some motherboards support both, check your motherboard.

What does DDR SDRAM stand for?

DDR SDRAM, sometimes called "SDRAM II," stands for "Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM." DDR SDRAM is an advanced type of computer memory that creates faster performance since the DDR memory transfe... Read More »

What does ddr2 sdram mean?

Double Data Rate (DDR) memory is an innovation which "double pumps" the memory bus in computers, effectively allowing for more data transfer, doubling the speed at which a computer's RAM operates.W... Read More »