Doea 5 hour energy really work?

Answer It works to a point I have used it and other drinks more to focus than stay awake. Nothing can really make up for / compensate poor sleeping habits in my opinion.

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Does the 5 hour energy drinks work?

They give me a burst of energy as they claim. My wife claims they do nothing for her.I guess it depends. Everyone is different.

Does the 72-hour diet pill really work?

On One Hand: Lose 12 lbs. in 72 hoursThe 72-hour diet pill is a dietary supplement intended to be taken over the course of three days. Users are advised to consume a low-carbohydrate diet during t... Read More »

Do energy drinks really work...?

They work just like any highly caffeinated beverage or pill works.I worry about renal failure, when I see customers at my store buy three of them a day, everyday. Or even worse, those energy shots... Read More »

Anybody know if using 5-hour energy once for three days in a row detrimental to long term health Is 5-hour en?

Caffeine has become my drug of choice since I quit all the others. I've only tried 5-Hour Energy a couple of time, and it didn't seem very strong to me. The ad on TV indicates it contains 200mg c... Read More »