Dodge RAM SS/T Specifications?

Answer In the early-1990s sport-trucks were becoming more popular throughout Chevy and Ford's lineups, leaving Dodge behind. This lasted until 1997 when Dodge Introduced the Ram 1500 SS/T, which stood for... Read More »

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1998 Dodge 3.9 V6 Specifications?

The 1998 Dodge is part of Chrysler's second model generation, which began production in 1997. Chrysler made three product lines: Base, Sport and SLT. All models were two-door and came with antilock... Read More »

Dodge 360 Timing Specifications?

The Dodge 360-cubic-inch V-8 engine was first produced for the 1971 model year as a replacement for the 340 V-8 engine. The 360 was Dodge's largest small-block engine of the 1970s. Although the sam... Read More »

Dodge RAM Alignment Specifications?

Dodge began making pickup trucks in 1917 and introduced the Dodge Ram 1500 to its line of vehicles in 1981. The Ram 1500 is the baseline pickup truck in the Ram line of heavy-duty trucks. The Ram 1... Read More »

Torque Specifications for the 318 Dodge?

The 318 was quite possibly the most popular small-block, eight-cylinder engine produced during the early to mid-1960s by Dodge, although the 318 was sometimes overshadowed by the 340 in high-perfor... Read More »