Dodge Diesel Maintenance Tips?

Answer Dodge diesel engines, especially Dodge Cumming-style engines, are great for performance-enhancing techniques and maintenance. Dodge diesel engines are robust and, with the right amount of tweaking ... Read More »

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How to Tips for Diesel Truck Maintenance?

Simple easy steps to keep your Diesel engine running at it's best.

Is Ford diesel better than Dodge diesel?

On One Hand: Ford's Durability And ComfortFord pickups are known for being more durable and comfortable than Dodge trucks. This is because the front-end suspension provides for a smoother ride, and... Read More »

Dodge RAM Transfer Case Maintenance?

The drive transfer case on the 1979 through 2001 four-wheel drive Dodge RAM trucks is attached to the transmission housing between the front and rear wheels. Transfer case maintenance is limited to... Read More »

Dodge Diesel Specs?

Like Ford and Navistar (formerly International), Chrysler and Cummins long ago entered into an arrangement wherein Cummins would supply their best diesel engines at a reasonable cost and the truck ... Read More »