Dodge Dakota Brake Replacement Tips?

Answer Brakes constitute an essential component of any vehicle. Faulty or worn brakes can result in poor stopping and lead to accidents. A Dodge Dakota pickup truck has a common front disc brake system wi... Read More »

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EGR Valve Replacement Information on a Dodge Dakota?

Automobile emissions are one of the leading sources of planet-wide pollution. Well-maintained cars can do enough damage to the environment. One in need of a new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valv... Read More »

Replacement Instructions for a 99 Dodge Dakota RT Water Pump?

The water pump in your 1999 Dodge Dakota RT is responsible for transporting water from your radiator to you engine. This process keeps your engine from overheating. Replacing your own water pump is... Read More »

How to Remove Dodge Dakota Brake Rotors?

If you're replacing the rotors on your Dodge Dakota and want to have them machined at the local machine shop or auto parts store, why not do it yourself? Even if the Dakota is 4-wheel drive, you ca... Read More »

Troubleshooting a Dodge Dakota Brake Problem?

The Dodge Dakota pickup truck is designed with a hydraulic master cylinder braking system, which uses front disc and rear drum components that can wear out and fail. Troubleshooting a Dakota brake ... Read More »