Documents Needed to File a Tax Return?

Answer When filing a tax return, documents pertaining to personal identity, expenditures for the year and business earnings must be included. A W-2 form, Social Security card, driver's license, receipts f... Read More »

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How much income is needed to file a tax return?

The amount of income at which you must file a federal income tax return varies according to age, filing status and the type of income. Single taxpayers under the age of 65 who had at least $9,350 o... Read More »

Do you have to file state Alabama tax return if you file a federal return?

The state of Alabama requires residents to file a state tax return in addition to the federal tax return. Alabama state income tax forms are available online from the Alabama Department of Revenue.... Read More »

Can you e-file a federal return&mail a state return?

While it is recommended that taxpayers file their state return at the same time that they file their federal return, it is possible to e-file your federal return and file your state return by mail.... Read More »

Documents Needed for Tax Returns?

Tax season is a dreaded time for many taxpayers. With all the credits, deductions and tax law updates each year, it can be difficult to keep up. Simply gathering all the forms and documents require... Read More »