Documents Needed When Registering Your Company Name in New York?

Answer Starting a new business often involves a significant amount of time, energy and financial commitment. One of the first and most important choices that a new business makes is choosing a name. In Ne... Read More »

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Can i name a company without registering for an llc?

On One Hand: LLC BenefitsBy registering your company as an LLC, or limited liability company, you help protect your personal finances and possessions from the debts and actions of the LLC. An LLC a... Read More »

Can you get regular auto insurance while registering the vehicle with commercial plates and what the pros or cons in New York State?

Answer What do you mean by "regular"?The price of the insurance is generally based on the type of use and location of use.If the vehicle will be used "commercially" i.e. having commercial plates,... Read More »

Documents Needed for Air Travel in the U.S?

Travelers flying within the United States must have proper documentation, in the form of an approved form of identification before being allowed through the Transportation Security Administration (... Read More »

Documents Needed to Get a Passport?

To travel outside of the country, you must have a passport. A passport can only be obtained with proper documentation. If you are going to be traveling with children, you will need to have passport... Read More »