Document Type Declaration (DTD)?

Answer The Document Type Declaration is a file that contains the necessary rules that the XML code in this file must follow. You may think of the DTD as the grammar that the XML document must abide by to ... Read More »

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How to Use a Document Type Declaration?

A document type declaration (DOCTYPE) is a line that is required in all valid XHTML documents. It tells the browser how to handle your document and how to display it. Without one, the browser does ... Read More »

Who can revise or amend a Declaration of Condominium Ownership document?

The declaration states how it can be amended or modified. Otherwise, the state law can guide you, either the law covering condominiums or the law covering non-profit (if that's the case) corporatio... Read More »

Is homestead declaration the same as declaration of domicile?

Homestead declaration is not the same thing as a declaration of domicile. A homestead declaration is a way to protect and insure a residence. A declaration of domicile is a document that states a p... Read More »

What is an XPS document type?

The XML Paper Specification, or XPS format is a fixed document file type from Microsoft for documents based on Extensible Markup Language or XML, according to XPS format files ... Read More »