Doctor who treats anemia?

Answer Hematologist

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A doctor told me I have anemia that is particular to only those?

Anaemia is a condition where the level of red blood cells is less than normal or where HAEMOGLOBIN is less, making it more difficult for the blood to carry OXYGENTypes of Anaemia ;- haemolytic, 2... Read More »

What type of doctor treats a stroke?

A neurologist is the doctor to see if you've had a stroke. The neurologist can order a CAT scan of the brain and determine if a patient is a candidate for tPA, a drug that dissolves the blood clot... Read More »

What type of doctor treats vitiligo?

Dermatologists help in treating vitiligo. There are some traditional herbal and ayurvedic recipes which are also found useful in treatment of vitiligo.

What type of doctor treats asthma?

For treatment of your asthma, there are several types of doctors who can help. Begin by seeing your family doctor, who may recommend a specialist. Allergists specialize in treating allergies and as... Read More »