Doctor patient confidentiality ?

Answer Unless you sign something that gives them the right to release this information, they can not divulge it.

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Who owns x-rays taken by a doctor and paid for by medical insurance the doctor or the patient?

Answer Who owns the medical record? Your record is the physical property of the hospital. However, the patient him/herself controls the release of the information contained in the record. shands.or... Read More »

In govt hospital if doctor prescribes a injection and the RN administers the injection and patient develops radial nerve palsy is the doctor held negligent?

Answer Both health care providers are responsible. However, if the patient is an active military member nothing can be done law wise. The government is protected against lawsuits when there is mal... Read More »

Can a doctor with HIV operate on a patient?

Though it is possible to maintain a career as a physician with HIV or AIDS, it is generally not possible to operate on a patient or perform any task involving blood. There is no specific legislatio... Read More »

What does the doctor give the the patient while waiting for x-ray results?

X-rays usually do not show any evidence of stress fractures, so a CT scan, MRI, or 3-phase bone scan may be more effective in unclear cases.If a stress fracture occurs in a weight-bearing bone, he... Read More »