Do baby zebras have stripes?

Answer Baby zebras are born with dark brown and white stripes, becoming black and white striped with maturity. Newborn zebra foals weigh between 55 and 88 lbs. at birth, and can walk within 20 minutes and... Read More »

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Because Zebras have black and white stripes, could you scan one with a barcode scanner and get a reading?

i cant believe that im gonna answer this,.........but.....the answer is no and heres codes have a number sequence to each 1.......that number is stored in a data base that condonz these ... Read More »

What US naval rank is indicated by three equal stripes on the right sleeve with one star just above the stripes on the same sleeve?

Why Do College Footballs Have Stripes?

Football has been played on the collegiate level since 1869. The game has gone through many changes since then. As game play has changed, so has the equipment. The equipment has evolved throughout ... Read More »

How many stripes does a colonel have?

US Colonels don't wear stripes. A Lieutenant Colonel wears a silver oak leaf, and a full colonel wears an eagle. Stripes are worn by enlisted personnel, and not by commissioned officers, save for o... Read More »