Do your teeth sometimes tickle?

Answer hahaha yea when i eat ice cubes , cold stuff !

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What could be wrong if your 3-year-old daughter has a finger wiggling stereotypie sometimes acompanied by facial grimace and teeth grinding Dr ruled out autism could this also happen ADHD children?

Answer I would not automatically say it was ADHD. ADHD is widely overused and we are doping our children unnecessarily.It is possible it is Tourettes, tardive dyskinesia, a magnesium deficiency, ch... Read More »

Do gums of adjacent teeth pulled sometimes pull away?

gums will only "pull away" from teeth if bacteria is present between the gingiva (gum) and tooth surface, or you are brushing too hard! If you havent been brushing at least twice a day and flossing... Read More »

Does your nose hair tickle your chin?

Yes but I can put up with it as it so handy for flossing my teeth and can double up as a thong in an emergency.

How to Tickle Your Girlfriend's Mum?

If your girlfriend's Mum catches sight of you gently massaging stroking and tickling her daughter's feet, her reaction might tell you if she would like the same done to her feet! The chances are sh... Read More »