Do your lips ever swell up after eating fruit?

Answer Yes I have had this. Years ago I ate so many as they are my favourite fruit, my lips started tingling and they swelled up. I also had tiny little blisters all over my hands (even my palms) and they... Read More »

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Could drinking a lot of carbonated water cause your lips to swell and crack?

You could either make the drive to Florida for every UTA (which would turn out to be very costly and time consuming), or you could do an Interstate Transfer to the North Carolina Air National Guard... Read More »

Why does the gland below the jaw swell when eating solid food?

Answer You give very little detail so I cannot be certain what is happening here. Oral Health is a very important matter and should not be ignored. Infections of the mouth and gums can cause seve... Read More »

How do vegetarians justify killing and eating plants/fungi and eating their eggs (i.e. fruit)?

The lack of a central nervous system basically covers that.Everyone draws the line somewhere. In western countries, most omnivores draw the line somewhere between puppies and calves. Vegetarians dr... Read More »

Can I use pigs to clean up around my dwarf fruit trees Will they hurt the trees while eating the fruit?

I just read a report for a MASTER GARDENER in Texas who tried pigs the way you are asking. It was a disaster. The pigs went after the lower fruit still on the trees and actually broke off many lo... Read More »