Do your family and friends support your lifestyle as a vegetarian/vegan?

Answer Well, your friends sound like a bunch of teens acting like teens - i.e. conform or be picked on.I changed my diet from crap to vegan in my teens and my friends had a LOT of questions at first. The... Read More »

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How to Make You and Your Friends Have a Celebrity Lifestyle?

Everybody dreams about being a celebrity. You may not be famous but you can still lead a celebrity life, if you have an amazing bunch of friends then share your celebrity life with them!

How do you get along with family members who live a totally different lifestyle?

Try to be interested in their hobbies. See what you have in common and if you don't, spend some time doing what each family member likes to do the most.

If it is in my family history already, can my lifestyle cause me to develop diabetes?

Yes, there are many factors. Most of the factors you described.The biggest factors are genetics, diet and exercise.If you get overweight and inactive, and have a genetic predisposition, you are al... Read More »

How to Prepare Healthy Family Foods While Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle?

Have you ever wanted to make a special food for your family members? Here are some ideas on how to prepare comfort food with a gourmet twist.