Do your family and friends support your lifestyle as a vegetarian/vegan?

Answer Well, your friends sound like a bunch of teens acting like teens - i.e. conform or be picked on.I changed my diet from crap to vegan in my teens and my friends had a LOT of questions at first. The... Read More »

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How do you convince your dad to allow your family to move back to your home and continue to support us?

Answer This is between your mother and father and there must be good reasons on their part why you are living where you are. You may not be happy where you are, but perhaps your father had no choic... Read More »

How to Make You and Your Friends Have a Celebrity Lifestyle?

Everybody dreams about being a celebrity. You may not be famous but you can still lead a celebrity life, if you have an amazing bunch of friends then share your celebrity life with them!

What is your favorite thing to cook for your family and friends?

That would be my Stuffed pasta shells and meat balls,and my signature chocolate caramel cheesecake.

Can you legally drive a friend's car if you are under your parent's insurance and said car is insured by your friends family?

Answer You would be covered by the insurance on your friend's car if you are driving it with their permission. To be safe, get the parents' permission, not just your friend's. It may be that your f... Read More »