Do your eyes change their colors :)?

Answer Only when I see red

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What causes my eyes to change colors?

Depending on the color of your eyes it could be due to reflections off of your clothes. The pigmentation of your eyes may not be complete yet.I found this"changing colors of the iris is due to gene... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Change Colors?

While you can't permanently change your eye color, there are ways to bring out the color of your eyes and make them appear to be another color, including the use of makeup and clothing choices. Thi... Read More »

What could cause my eyes to change colors suddenly!!?

Well that's awesomely weird.See how long they stay like that...:)

What is it called when your eyes change colors?

coloured contact lenses!!! hahamine get lighter and darker with my mood. When i'm annoyed, they are really piercing, when I'm normal, they are just boring blue!!