Do your bones creak and rattle?

Answer Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones!....... Look out that was not an answer quick before it is spotted. My answer is yes sometimes but i have taken cod liver oil caps for years.

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How many bones does an average rattle snake have?

An average rattlesnake may have up to 400 bones in its body. Rattlesnake bones provide structural body support, with a skeleton of rib bones, vertebra, tail bones, skull and jawbones. Rattlesnake r... Read More »

Is a rattlesnake's rattle made of bones?

A rattlesnake's rattle is not made of bone, but rather of hard, dry skin. Each time a rattlesnake sheds its skin, a section of that dried skin is left behind on the end of the tail, forming the rat... Read More »

Why Do Floorboards Creak?

Creaking floorboards can give a house character and start rumors of ghosts and haunting. However, they can also severely annoy the neighbors, particularly if you live in a top floor apartment and w... Read More »

How to Fix Office Chair Creak?

An office chair that emits continuous creaks, squeaks and other unpleasant noises is annoying, not just for you for for everyone else in the office. In many cases these squeaks and creaks can be fi... Read More »