Are you wearing your pajamas right now :P?

Answer Why are you a pervert? That WAS dumb. Anyway, I don't think that was a "pervert" remark. And no, I am not in my pajamas. But I am in my "comfy clothes". That's what I call them! Thanks.

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How to Make Pajamas?

Making jammies is a cute first project, easy to do, if you follow the steps below.

Who invented pajamas?

Loose fitting, drawstring pants, referred to as pajamas, were invented in India and were popular among Sikh men as well as Muslim men and women. The actual inventor of pajamas is unknown. British m... Read More »

How to Shrink Pajamas?

Many people have received gifts of clothing, like pajamas, that are either too small or too big but they cannot exchange. Fortunately, you can shrink large pajamas if you do not want to pay for alt... Read More »

Is it to early to get out my footy pajamas?

Hi Bobby, I bet your as cute has a bunny in them,but it's not time yet to wear them..Your Friend,poppy1