I was on the train coming home from work Friday and this woman on her cell phone?

Answer Oh man, I'm on the subway every day back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan and have to transfer at least once each way, and believe me, I hear stuff that people say on cell phones all the time, ... Read More »

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I was looking to work from home but i haven't found any company that employs from home.?


I have shower everyday when i got home from work even if its a winter. is this normal to have shower every day?

I have a bath or shower nearly everyday. Sometimes 2 as I work in a kitchen area and smell lovely when I get home! I think its not normal to be clean!

How to Separate Work from Your Personal Life when You Work at Home?

Working at home can be fun,but can also be separating you from your personal life. This is frustrating but you can get through it.

When i print photos from my printer at home, they have a pink tinge. why is this and how can i prevent this?

A color or photo cartridge is either low, clogged or has run out of one of the basic colors it mixes together to create the colors in your images. The printer cannot print correctly if it lacks one... Read More »