Do you wish college was free?

Answer YES and in some parts of the world it is. ¬‸¬ saddening.

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Free college grants for college?

Fastweb is awesome! They give you offers for scholarships, grants, jobs and internships around the area of your school. It asks you a bunch of questions about your likes and dislikes and what you w... Read More »

How can i go to college for free?

Don't listen to people saying you wont get into college with a C average.They don't know what there talking about.If you have no way to pay then the best thing to do is to fill out a FAFSA to recei... Read More »

How to Get Free Stuff in College?

No matter where you go or who you are, college is expensive, but collecting all the freebies you can over the course of your education lightens the financial load. Colleges and college neighborhood... Read More »

How and where can I get free money for college?

Scholarships and grants are great free sources of money. You can read about them here:…Here are some sites you can check out that offer grants and scholars... Read More »