Do you wear lotion everyday?

Answer ahahaha yes#blackgirlproblems

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Can Vaseline Be Used as an Everyday Lotion?

These days women everywhere are saving money by replacing traditional beauty products with less-expensive versions, such as trading in lotion for Vaseline. The results of doing so, however, may no... Read More »

I am having a lot of discharge everyday that is smooth and lotion-like is this a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Sounds more like an infection. Get it checked NOW!

Is it bad to wear tampons everyday?

only wear tampons for heavy bleading!!!!!!!!!! tampons are dangerous to wear alot! they can give you toxic shock syndrome , there is no cure for it and it is very deadly! go to the doctor you mig... Read More »

Do you wear makeup everyday?

I only wear make-up when going out, but that includes school, which is pretty much a daily occurrence (haha). My make-up routine usually includes eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, powder, b... Read More »