Do you wear lipstick, lipgloss or both?

Answer both

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How often do you wear lipgloss or are you a lipstick kind of a person ?

Lol good one Bex - I prefer Lipgloss - the one that comes in a tube though not the nasty troll variety from RTV

Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss or lip balm?

natural lip balm.err I have dry lips right now though...I forgot my lip balm in the car!

Poll: Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss?

LipstickI like vintage reds or in that color spectrum. No favorite brand for Zaphod, but if you know of anything good... I'm all ears. :D

LADIEZ, do you perfer lipstick, or lipgloss?

I used to use lipgloss all the time, but now I prefer moisturizing lipstick sometimes because it lasts longer and I can make it shiny with gloss, or toned down to look neater. Plus gloss can get c... Read More »