Do you wear glasses, contact lenses, both or neither?

Answer female, mostly glasses, occasionally contacts i have the throw away ones and I'm short sighted

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Which would you rather wear: glasses or contact lenses?

I like wearing contact lenses better. Because I think I look better in them than in glasses. It's nice not having to be constantly pushing my glasses back up.

What Do you wear ,glasses or contact lenses.?

If I wear a glasses/contact lenses for my astigmatism will my vision get worse over time?

Even though most in optometry will not correlate it the evidence is there. When people get nearsighted glasses their nearsightedness gets worse, when people get farsighted correction their farsight... Read More »

Contact lenses vs glasses?

In terms of affordability, contact lenses are going to be more expensive, if you wear them properly. First of all, a contact lens exam costs more than a eyeglass exam. Then you have to buy the con... Read More »