Do you wear an undershirt under a tuxedo shirt?

Answer On One Hand: Undershirts a must for tuxedosUndershirts are a staple for the well-dressed man. Undershirts give dress shirts a smoother line and allow shirts that may have thinner material a better ... Read More »

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Can you wear a blue shirt under a red sweater?

It depends on the colors! If the colors were dark like navy and red i would say yes, but if they were light i wouldn't think so. But it is up to you!!

Is it slutty to wear a black bra under a white shirt or blouse?

Ladies, is it fashionable and sexy for a guy to wear a graphic tee under a button down shirt?

How to Dye a White Tuxedo Shirt?

Best known for its appearance on formal occasions, a tuxedo consists of a pair of pants with a satin stripe running down the outside and a matching jacket. A tuxedo is usually accessorized with a f... Read More »