Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?

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Honestly, do you wash your hands every time you use the restroom?

Honestly!? Truthfully!? YES!I'm a bit of a germaphobic (not a real word, I know) But I can't NOT wash my hands when I use the restroom at home and especially at a public place. I'll go so far as... Read More »

How many of you wash your hands after using the toilet?

I do. It's not what you do while someone is watching that counts, its what you do while nobody is watching...

Why should you wash your hands before and after using chemicals?

Some chemicals can be extremely toxic if they come in contact with the skin or are ingested. It is always a good idea to wash your hands after handling them in order to help prevent accidental inge... Read More »

What are your thoughts on people who don't wash their hands after using a toilet?