Do you wash jeans in hot or cold water?

Answer washing in hot will shrink them a little if thats what you want to do, washing the new ones in hot might get the loose dye out so you dont have to worry about next time. conversly, washing them in ... Read More »

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Does washing jeans in cold water make them stretch?

Yes, washing jeans in cold water allows them to be stretched. Unlike hot water, cold water keeps jeans from shrinking. You can also spritz jeans with cold water and stretch them.Source:Made Man: Ho... Read More »

Would you wash your laundry in cold water....?

No, it has to be at least warm, never cold.

Should you wash dishes with hot or cold water is it better one way or the other?

Assuming you're washing with dish washing liquid, it makes no difference. That kills any germs that might have been lurking on the plate. But washing with hot water makes washing off grease and dri... Read More »

Do you wash dishes in hot or cold water?

Put everything in the dishwasher once and put it on the hot program...Tell them to open it once it has finished washing...(You could program it to wash in early morning hours, so it will finish ju... Read More »