Do you wash canvas before stretching it for a painting?

Answer On One Hand: Water Harms CanvasAccording to Rex Art Supplies, artists should never saturate the canvas with water before stretching, but using a damp sponge to touch up wrinkles on a stretched canv... Read More »

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How to Get a Picture Into a Canvas Painting?

Mixed media paintings are a specialty within acrylic painting. To make mixed media art, you attach pictures, paper scraps, ribbons and other items onto your canvas for a three-dimensional feel. The... Read More »

How to Clean an Old Oil Painting Done on Canvas?

The surfaces of old oil paintings tend to darken and discolor over time, obscuring their painted images. Cleaning off dirt and removing yellowed varnish will allow you to see what the artist origin... Read More »

Ideas for Acrylic Canvas Painting?

Acrylic paints are water-based, fast-drying materials that are easy to work with. They are suitable for painting on canvas, paper, wood, stone or plaster. Beginners and professional painters alike ... Read More »

Acrylic Painting Ideas for a 24 X 48 Canvas?

A 24- by 48-inch canvas is a pretty large area to work with, and it could take forever to paint your masterpiece if the wrong techniques are used. However, it can be painted quickly by using some t... Read More »