Do you want to travel to Gilgit?

Answer 2 hours, typically

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Why did NASA want to travel to the moon?

Because they wanted to see what was up their.

I want ro travel to africa but where is it safe?

The places most desperate for volunteers are usually places that are affected by conflict. You could go to South Africa, but there are not many volunteer positions available.Uganda, Ghana, Mali, Ke... Read More »

I want to travel to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland, behind my parents back, im 19.?

Why Lauterbrunnen? It's a hole..what are you on bro?

You purchase a travel insurance but you want to change the date how can you do that?

Tenants (Renters) Insurance Damage to the building (and anything permanently attached to the building, including wall to wall carpeting) is the responsibility of the building owner, and his Buildi... Read More »