I want some questions from VB?

Answer If you are wanting to get some answers about Visual Basic, then there are many online sources available, and many printed books as well.If you are wanting to know about VBA for MS-Office products, ... Read More »

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Do you want to answer questions faster?

Hey, Thanks Dwight. I'm new at week in the making..... So, I sure took note on that short cut. Someone, such as myself, absolutely appreciates a good time saving tip like yours. ... Read More »

I want to get an eyebrow piercing, but I have a few questions.?

1. Read the labels on your products, and if it says do not apply to puncture wounds, broken or irritated skin, don't use the product on the piercing. It's actually a bad idea to put any type or oin... Read More »

I want to buy my first home and i have questions?

There are different types of loans and most require a different amount of down payment. Here in the US, there are a few that do not require a down payment at all. Your best bet is to go to a bank... Read More »

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1) Two New Jersey hunters are out in the woods. Suddenly, one of them falls to the ground, and his eye's roll back. The other one freaks out, dials 911, and says, "Help, my friend is dead! What do ... Read More »