Can you send your boyfriend who is in the army a package to his barracks.. He is in the army and doesn't have a mailbox. I just want it sent to his door?

Answer It won't be dropped off at his door. It'll probably be kept at the battalion S-4 office and he'll receive a notification that he has a package, then he'll have to go get it. Even if you ship it via... Read More »

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Does T-Mobile have a device protection plan?

T-Mobile does have a device protection plan called "Premium Handset Protection." To protect your device, you need to enroll in this plan within 14 days of starting service with T-Mobile or changing... Read More »

How would you react if someone from answers sent you a sexual message about one of your children?

O_oOh you don't want to know what I would do the them. I don't think Yahoo would want to know what I would do to that person. I DON'T want to know what I would do. If I ever go a hold of them, I wo... Read More »

How to Use Dropbox on Your Computer or Mobile Device?

As cloud computing gains traction, services like Dropbox are more popular than ever. Whether you want to use cloud computing as a backup system, to access documents from multiple locations or for s... Read More »

Is there a good Mobile ArcGIS app you can get for your Android device?

ESRI have an excellent free ArcGIS app in the Apple App Store. They have yet to push it to the Android Market. Its free and looks to be potentially a good Android map and GIS app.