I want to stay a virgin until I'm married?

Answer Who cares what others think...?It's your life.I applaud your choice and rational.Good for you.

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What if Jews in the military want to get married?

The military tries to be as respectful as possible to different religions - some military institutions even have synagogues!

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married?

It's a classic situation: You want to get married, but your boyfriend has yet to mention the word "wedding." Take charge and tell your boyfriend you want to get married. In these modern times, it i... Read More »

What do you want to do,run to Vegas and get married or gamble and get drunk?

How about getting drunk and skipping straight to the honeymoon?

I am married and i dont want be pregnant now what shall i do?

well obviously just use a condom and do it all the time as much as you like