Do you use your pc for anything other than Yahoo Answers?

Answer Is this supposed to be a sarcastic question? If it is, I see that you're using Yahoo answers-do YOU use your pc for anything else??

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Which site do you visit most other than yahoo/answers?

What is the stupidest question you've read on Yahoo! Answers (other than this one)?

I Just heard about google answers for the first time, was it better than yahoo answers?

I used Google Answers for a couple of years. It was much more useful to me than this site is. For one thing, there were no crappy answers. All answers were worth reading. There was a fee to ask... Read More »

PARIS HILTON: Are The People On Yahoo Answers Jealous Because Her Bathroom Is Larger Than Your Houses?

Because she's a symbol of the double standard in the world today. If you're rich, and a celebrity (for some reason) then you can thumb your nose at the rest of the world and do as you please. She... Read More »