Do you use the internet to shop?

Answer QVC loves me. I am on a first name basis with my UPS man. =)

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How to Find and Shop for Bargains on the Internet?

The Internet is a vast place to shop. Not only are the prices generally lower, but the Internet is chock-full of coupons and rebates. One of the good things about the Internet is the ability to use... Read More »

Is it safe to use a credit card to shop on the internet?

On One Hand: Credit Card Transactions Are SafeShopping with credit cards is very safe online, especially when contracting domestic vendors. There is a variety of federal and state laws that protect... Read More »

How to Connect to Wireless Internet at a Coffee Shop?

If you've ever visited a coffee shop, you may have noticed a few people using their laptops. Many coffee shops provide complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, allowing patrons to use the Web while enj... Read More »

I like to go to the coffee shop down the street from my job and surf the Internet on my lunch hour...?

When you use the free WiFi at your local coffee shop, your connection isn't encrypted, so it's not secure. Anyone looking can find your IP Address and intercept your line of communication.If you'r... Read More »