Do you use tampons or pads?

Answer Tamponsss

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Tampons vs. pads?

I use both.... if I am buying tampons then I get either Tampax Pearl or some other plastic applicator. I know it is not good for the enviornment, but it is definatley more comfortable. As for pads.... Read More »

POLL: Pads or Tampons?

(UK)Used to be tampons, but now its pads all the way!!!!Its so much quicker, and a better way of 'checking' your period for any changes or whatever.Judging by the other answers, I'd say your theory... Read More »

Ladies: Pads or Tampons?

Pads on a regular basis, but tampons for swimming or special occasions.

Poll: tampons or pads?

tamponscleaner, doesnt feel like a diaper, more descret, hardly any smell or discomfort. TAMPAX PEARL!!!!!