Do you use artificial sweetners?

Answer you may as well use the real thing calories vs. cancers

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Artificial Sweetners / Diet Sodas?

No they are not bad for type 2 diabetics. You just need to keep the amount of sodas you drink down to a minimum. A nutritionist or dietitian will recommend these sweeteners to you. Dispite what ... Read More »

What sweetners are best for diabetics?

Ideally, none. If you have to, artificial sweeteners - Equal, Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc. are sweeteners which do not affect glucose.But ideally you kick the sweet tooth, because it is doing you no f... Read More »

Just how ok are those zero calorie sweetners (like Equal) are for you?

They are terrible, if you want a better alternative then use Stevia (it is natural since it is extracted from a plant and it is very low in calories).Aspartame which is found in 'Equal' is terrible... Read More »

Does Splenda (sucralose---sweetners in the yellow packet) cause cancer?

What now days does not cause cancer or something? Everything even brathing the air now causes cancer... You cannot live your life in constant fear. Sometimes you have to weight the good VS bad an... Read More »