Do you use a free Defragment Program?

Answer The one that comes with the Windows OS has been sufficient for all of the computers I have ever used..

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How to Defragment & Free Up Space?

As computers are used, hard drives become filled with data and fragments of information and files are saved sporadically across your hard drive. After a while, the used space on your hard drive in ... Read More »

I need a free virus and spyware program What program do you suggest and where can I download it?

I guess you mean an ANTI virus program? Viruses and spyware are bad things, and Microsoft Windows in particular gets plagued by them! If you're running something other than Microsoft Windows (like ... Read More »

Free program for downloading music to put on iPod for free?

or you can try it same thing like lime wire but its free from the begging i m not sure about viruses

Which free antivirus program is best of these three?

While AVG 2011 is a vast improvement, Avast remians the most effective and lightest of the free anti-viruses its also the only one with a web and network shield that blocks malicious URLs before th... Read More »