Do you use a decanter with rosé wine?

Answer Decanting almost any wine improves its quality. According to A Good Time With Wine, a decanter enables you to pour an older wine without transferring sediment to the glass. It also enhances the fla... Read More »

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Looking for green bubble stem wine or cordial glasses that go with the austrian hanging wine decanter?

Your best bet is going to be eBay. There is nothing there right now, but set up a search and save it. You should even be able to set it to email you if something turns up.I have these fantastic 195... Read More »

How to Buy a Wine Decanter?

Wine decanters were originally used primarily as a vessel in which to transport wine from an amphora or barrel to the table. This allowed a servant or guest to more easily pour wine. The decanter h... Read More »

What is a wine decanter?

A wine decanter is used to increase the surface area of wine, allowing air to have greater access to it. This intensifies the aroma and texture of the wine.TimeDecanters are typically used when the... Read More »

What is a wine decanter used for?

Use a wine decanter to remove the sediment from your wine. Most modern commercial wines do not need to be decanted. If, however, you have a finer wine that you've allowed to age for some time, ther... Read More »