Do you unplug your tv or any electronics when you finished using it?

Answer I put them all on a power strip and just flip the switch. It saves me about $10-18 dollars a month on electricity.

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How do I unplug appliances& electronics?

Make sure your hands are dry, because wet hands will cause an electrical shock reaction. Place your thumb and pointer finger around the base of the plug, do not pull the electrical cord. Slowly pul... Read More »

What happens when you unplug your DVR?

A DVR is a video recorder that stores television programs digitally. Unplugging a DVR will cause it to lose power and shut down. Any programs being recorded at the time the DVR was unplugged will b... Read More »

How do you unplug an ear?

You need to remove the wax from the ear before the doctor can make any form of proper diagnosis. Forget about the smell It Is only temporary.

How to Unplug an iPod?

It is important to safely remove an iPod from a PC before physically disconnecting the iPod's dock connector to USB cable. Improper removal can lead to iPod data loss or corruption. Before you unpl... Read More »