Do you unplug your PC in a thunderstorm?

Answer yes well a surge protector (if thats what u hyave) only protects form surges down the power line not down phoneline.... and when it was frazeled, it would of probably on damaged the modem in ur com... Read More »

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Do you unplug your computer during a thunderstorm ?

How to Have Fun in a Thunderstorm?

How to have fun in a thunderstorm!

Can you buy insurance for a thunderstorm?

Yes. According to, Homeowners-3 or HO-3 is the most common type of homeowners insurance available, and what the vast majority of homeowners have. Every policy spells out what is covered or... Read More »

How to Protect a PC in a Thunderstorm?

The Earth has 100 lightning strikes per second - 3.6 trillion per year. It's an unfortunate fact that someone, somewhere is going to have their computer fried by a lightning strike. Read on to find... Read More »