Do you turn your computer off?

Answer I always turn it off when I go out or to bed....

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Is using the Turn Off button to turn off your computer harmful?

I don't recommend it. Holding it in for 8 seconds to shut it off can't be good for your motherboard, and power supply. It's also not good for the hard drive, as Windows could become corrupt. Just p... Read More »

Can you turn your Internet cable modem on& off each time you use your computer?

You can turn off your cable modem between use by either switching it off or unplugging it. If you have a router, turn that off, too. When you're ready to get on the Internet, plug in or turn on equ... Read More »

Keep your computer on or turn it off?

I keep it running all day but when I go to bed, I shut it down then start it back up in the morning when I wake up.If you have an energy star computer and a screensaver, I dont think you need to wo... Read More »

Do you turn your computer off everyday?

No, I never turn my PC off unless I have to reboot after installing something. Keep your computer updated, virus scanner running and a firewall on, you should be fine. Technically, yes, it can keep... Read More »