Do you tip waitresses at restaurants Why Why not?

Answer considering waitresses only get 2 to 3 dollars an hour by there employers i believe it only right to tip them for them to pay there bills. but how much you or i pay should be on how well they do

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Which restaurants pay waitresses the most?

Chicago, IL USAI never even look at my paychecks- they are a joke. About $100 for two weeks. While working at a chain or corporation is great for many reasons, I always choose a privately owned fin... Read More »

How much do we really have to tip waitresses in a restaurant?

In NYC - common is to double the tax and leave that as a tip.

Hairstyles for Waitresses?

For waitresses, finding the right hairstyle presents special challenges. Not only do they need to find a style that's attractive, they also have to be aware of health issues concerning hair and foo... Read More »

Can you photograph waitresses at Hooters?

Not without permission. You also can't sell or publish the photo unless you obtain a model release. Uploading pictures to the internet is considered "publishing."