Do you tip the waitress when you get take-out from a t.g.i. fridays-type restaurant?

Answer Yes. Maybe not as much as you would if you sat down and ate but that server had to put your order together and make sure you get everything you need for your dinner. I'm a bartender at an OnThe Bo... Read More »

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How much should you tip a waiter/waitress when at a restaurant?

I use to be a server. When I go to a restaurant I tip AT LEAST 20% if the service is good. If the service is lousy and there is absolutely no excuse for it then I tip $1.00. If the service wasn't g... Read More »

When ordering wine at a restaurant, how do you differentiate between two of the same type to the waiter?

You always order a wine by its full name and that includes the varietal or type of wine it is.

Is it true that while in a restaurant, that you have to tip the waitress?

you tip if the service is good, which most times it is. don't if the server ignored you most the time or was just plain slow.

Should I take job at HootersCocktail WaitressShot girlCocktail waitress at Nightclub/Stripclub?

am not a girl but i earn a minimum of 500sterling pounds tips for a cruise ship without stripping but giving the best service as a bartender or waiter in a cruise monthly income is 2x the ... Read More »